A Breakthrough in RFID technology

  • Kcode eliminates RFID microchips and reduces label cost from $.08 to $.04

  • Kcode increases scan range from 9 feet to 90 feet

  • Kcode generates 3 labels in one printing process on many materials

Learn how to reduce your RFID cost by 50%

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RFID for every industry

  • Logistics
  • Pharma
  • Airline baggage
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Fresh food
  • Retail
  • Library
  • Document control
  • Livestock

Brief 2

New technology for the future of RFID

  • Kcode printer ribbons enable 3 imprints in 1 pass
    • Patented chipless RFID tag and antenna
    • Standard UPC, EAN or proprietary code
    • Custom printing of any message, graphics or data
    • On-demand printing on most surfaces
    • Uses industry-standard printers
    • Kcode RFID reader
      • Accurate readings up to 90 feet
      • Pinpoint location of any tagged item
      • Wideband, high gain and narrow beam width antenna
      • Patented clutter-rejection technology

Reduce cost by 50%

Kcode lowers the cost per RFID label to $.04 each—half that of other RFID options

No RFID chips

Kcode’s chipless RFID tag eliminates expensive microchips

Print 3 codes on 1 label

Kcode integrates RFID, UPC and custom printing into a single, on-demand event

Increase range by 900%

Kcode’s ceiling mounted RFID reader captures tagged items from 90 feet

Decrease bad reads

Kcode’s patented clutter rejection system improves reader accuracy

Integrate with any system

Kcode printers and readers interface with every leading RFID system

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