History of kcode

Marcel Keschner and Warren Keschner are first cousins that come from a long line of innovative retailers. Marcel is an electrical engineer with over 30 years of experience in technology applied to production and logistics holding three patents. He is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and a recipient of the Richard M. Emberson award for distinguished service to the development, viability, advancement, and pursuit of the technical objectives of the IEEE.

Warren is a CPA who started his career at the company now globally recognized as PwC, and was a partner in a chain of retail stores in NYC for over 30 years.

From the time they were very young, Marcel and Warren were fascinated by new technologies. In 1998, they combined their retail know-how with their passion for technological advances and started talking about the possibility of a chipless RFID solution.

In 2010, the dream of chipless RFID solutions seemed possible, and they founded kcode.

While chipless solutions still aren’t scalable for businesses just yet, Marcel and Warren’s experimentation did allow them to develop the world’s most durable and reliable RFID tags for clothing and shoes.

kcode tags do not have any blind spots and can be read from any angle, can´t be torn apart, and work in highly demanding environments (with a high humidity and wide temperature range) allowing for read rates of 99+%.

kcode has since expanded its offerings to include other RFID solutions such as ktrac, ktags, kshield,  kbeacons, kfind and kfit,  providing a comprehensive solution for managing the garment and shoes retail supply chain from manufacturing all the way to final sales.

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