This calculator is provided as a tool to estimate the Return On Investment (ROI) from deploying a RFID solution in a chain of clothing stores.

Our ROI calculator projects your estimated return on investment (ROI) when implementing our RFID solution in your retail chain. Simply give honest answers to a few questions about your business, and the calculator will provide your projected return on the 1st year CAPEX and OPEX investments and your projected return on the 2nd year OPEX investment.

The ROI calculator is a valuable tool for apparel brand executives who want to evaluate kcode RFID solutions in-depth before talking to other decision-makers about deploying them in the business.

It’s important to note that all ROI calculations are projections, and we cannot give you a specific figure without setting up a discovery meeting. For full details about the kcode ROI calculator, read the disclaimer below.

Three Key ROI Factors From Deploying RFID

kcode increases the accuracy of retail inventory from an average of 65% to 99%. By having more accurate inventories, replenishment is more accurate and timely, resulting in fewer stockouts and markdowns. Minimum increase in sales from kcode RFID deployment is 1%.

Since kcode’s RFID system allows for frequent full store counts in as little as 20 minutes, shrinkage information can be generated more timely allowing ownership to identify weakness in controls and staff. Companies have reduced shrinkage by 50% after deploying kcode. If kcodes’s EAS option is deployed, shrinkage can be reduced even further than 50%.

kcode’s solution can increase inventory accuracy to 99% which allows for omni channel fulfillment of ecommerce orders from stores. This can eliminate the need for an ecommerce warehouse and can reduce shipping costs as orders are fulfilled closer to where customers live.

In addition, there are labor savings from automating the receiving and transfer processes using RFID and from eliminating the need to apply and remove EAS plastic hard tags. Lastly, RFID eliminates the cost of inventory service companies from taking semi-annual or annual physical inventories.

ROI Calculator


*These assumptions are based on actual results. Your actual results may vary based on the accuracy of your current inventory and the strength of your internal controls.


kcode designed this ROI calculator as a tool to help people estimate the return on investment from deploying an RFID inventory management solution in a chain of clothing stores. As such, all figures calculated by the tools are intended to be example projections rather than a guarantee of actual results.

The information you enter into the tool determines how accurate the projected figures will be. The figures provided by the ROI calculator have 10% variance of confidence. Working with our team is the best way to determine what your exact costs and savings will be when you use our solutions.

Once you receive the results of the calculation, we’ll be in contact so that we can offer you more accurate figures on just how much money your business can save.