kcode would never be as successful as it is without a solid team of passionate industry experts behind it. Each of our team members possesses a unique combination of skills and experiences that include specialties such as:

  • Supply chain logistics
  • Engineering
  • Development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Advanced computing
  • Retail operations
Headshot of Marcel Keschner

Marcel Keschner


Marcel Keschner has designed and implemented major logistic projects for Fortune 100 companies across four continents.

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Headshot of Warren Keschner

Warren Keschner


Warren Keschner has implemented state of the art real time fashion retail systems solving complex pain points for fast fashion retailers.

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Combining professionals with such varied backgrounds in the kcode team allows us to develop innovative RFID solutions that stand apart from others in the industry. Each team member’s expertise complements others in the team, making for a well-rounded set of professionals that can work on problems from all angles.

kcode’s founding members have decades of experience in the apparel and footwear industry, which has given them in-depth knowledge of retail inventory best practices and common trouble areas. Our retail experts possess a multi-layered understanding of all facets of retail operations logistics, making them the ideal partners for apparel and footwear businesses that are struggling with their inventory management process.

Our employees are born problem solvers, and we love nothing more than helping clients find solutions to their supply chain pain-points, no matter how complicated the project. We’re well versed in complex technologies, which gives us an advantage when building custom RFID solutions for our retail clients.

Many of our core team members have engineering backgrounds, so working in systematic ways to solve problems comes naturally. Our systematic approach ensures that we think of every eventuality when evaluating a client’s project and customizing solutions: this allows us to provide solutions that solve clients’ pain-points in the long run, rather than offering a quick fix that complicates things somewhere down the line.

kcode staff members are always learning and staying on top of industry trends. In fact, our team is so dedicated to lifelong learning that a number of our staff have PhDs in their fields, and others continue to build their expertise with online training..

We understand the tight margins that retail establishments contend with, and we know better than anyone how crucial proper inventory management processes are if an apparel or footwear company wants to improve its bottom line. Our core mission is to solve inventory management problems for retail executives and supply chain decision-makers by providing efficient, streamlined RFID solutions that enable outstanding customer service.

Our blend of retail industry knowledge and technological expertise allows us to solve our clients’ problems, even if a solution hasn’t been invented yet or no-one has tried before. We’re committed to your success, no matter what.

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