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ktrac IconAn efficient supply chain management system can improve every aspect of your business, from your financials and process efficiencies, down to the customer experience. Adding the ktrac RFID supply chain management system to your management tools is an effective way to streamline your processes and increase stock accuracy.

The ktrac application integrates with your POS, WMS and ERP systems so that your inventory data is consistent across the multiple platforms you use to organize your business processes. This helps give decision-makers in every department a clear, up-to-the-minute picture of your apparel and footwear inventory from every angle.

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Why ktrac for Supply Chain Management?

ktrac provides a holistic solution to supply chain inefficiencies, improving your inventory management system across the board.

What can ktrac do for your business?

Inventory shrinkage is a problem for every apparel business, reducing sales, cutting into profit margins and reducing inventory turnover. ktrac’s RFID inventory software allows you to take frequent physical inventory accounts, giving you item-level visibility that helps you to timely identify where shrinkage is occurring so you can take corrective actions.

Accurate stock counts and an efficient inventory management system help your employees spend less time trying to find stock and more time on customer service. Ktrac keeps your stock levels up-to-date, so you, your staff, and your customers always know if an item is available.

It’s imperative to keep on top of stock levels so that you can replenish stock before they run out. ktrac’s stock counts are 99% accurate, so you always know exactly how much stock you have and when you need to order more.

ktrac streamlines the order fulfillment process, giving you and your customers accurate stock availability information, so you never promise a customer something that’s out of stock. The software will also tell you which shipping locations have the item, so you can minimize both your costs and environmental impact by shipping from the location closest to the customer.

The ktrac Software

ktrac software tracks your inventory through every step in the supply chain, from the time it leaves the factory until it reaches the consumer. This intuitive software provides a comprehensive solution that gives you a bird’s-eye view of your supply chain inventory management system.

Detailed reports let you examine every aspect of your inventory process in detail, while ktrac’s item-level visibility allows you to investigate potential inventory issues and minimize shrinkage.

ktrac software integrates with your POS, WMS, and ERP systems. We can customize the platform to fit the exact needs of your business.

ktrac Software Use Cases

  • If something in your ERP reports doesn’t make sense, you can use the ktrac desktop application to find out what’s going on.
  • You can use ktrac to sort out discrepancies – for example, our system can report if a warehouse shipment arrived or not.
  • Identify the source of inventory shrinkage.
  • Evaluate your stores and understand which maintain greater stock accuracy and which are struggling with the highest levels of inventory shrinkage.

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The ktrac App and Handheld

No matter how robust your supply chain inventory management software is, a sub-par RFID scanner can mitigate many of the benefits, slowing you down and decreasing accuracy. The ktrac handheld device is a cost-effective solution that fully meets the demands our software places on it.

The ktrac handheld is a fully integrated unit, which means you only have to worry about charging one component. It can connect to both Wi-Fi and LTE networks so you can use it anywhere in your store or warehouse.

The ktrac handheld arrives fully loaded with the ktrac app, so you don’t have to worry about integration issues. The handheld’s interface is consistent with the desktop version of ktrac, reducing the learning curve and making it easy to use.

The ktrac app and handheld are integrated tools that will improve your current inventory management system.  We recommend maintaining at least two ktrac handheld devices at each store location in order to facilitate the quickest, most efficient inventory counts.

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Introducing kfind

kfind is a piece of functionality within the ktrac application that helps you find a specific RFID tag. This inventory finder (often referred to as a Geiger counter in the industry) is easy to use.

Simply activate kfind and input the item you’re looking for. Then point your RFID scanner at a group of items in front of you, and the software will give you visual and audio references to help you locate the item.

kfind allows you to identify items using:

  • SKUs
  • Serial Numbers

While inventory finders are nothing new, kfind is one of the most accurate inventory finders in the industry.

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When Might You Need to Use kfind?

If you have never used RFID software before, it can be hard to picture the circumstances where kfind would come in handy. So rather than just listing kfind’s specifications, let’s look at a few example situations.

Imagine your employees are stocking the sales floor and want to put out the new blue shirts that recently arrived. Unfortunately, they’re in a box hidden amidst piles of other unpacked shipments, and it will take too long to go through every box in order to find them.

All your employees need to do is use kfind to locate the blue shirts, and they can continue with their duties.

If a customer falls in love with a display item, but the inventory is nowhere to be found, it can cost you a sale and make your business look disorganized.

Fortunately, kfind allows you to search by style so that you can quickly find the exact style your customer is looking for. You increase sales, your customer leaves happy, and you increase your chances of getting a good review and / or a returning customer.

Learn More About Our Software for Supply Chain Management

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