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ktag iconRFID technology is evolving at unbelievable speeds, quickly becoming the most efficient solution for inventory management and customer checkout. New RFID solutions are appearing all the time, and it seems like this innovative technology will soon replace standard bar codes. At the heart of every RFID solution is the RFID tag, which must meet specific requirements in order to assure system efficiency.

We used decades of industry experience to design ktags, the top RFID tag on the market.  ktags increase scanning speed and accuracy while holding up in harsh conditions: these durable tags cost about the same as standard paper RFID tags and last longer.

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ktag Benefits

Our clients love ktags, but if you’re new to RFID technology, you might not see much difference between a ktag and a standard RFID tag. Take a look at just a few of the advantages ktags possess compared to standard RFID tags.

ktags are over 99% accurate. That makes them more accurate than standard RFID tags, which only have about 98% accuracy on average. While 98% is impressive compared to handling inventory management using old-fashioned barcodes, it’s not as good as it could be.

When you’re moving millions of items through the supply chain every year, stock counts that are just one percent more accurate will have a huge effect on your profits. ktags give you a near-perfect picture of your inventory situation – a must when it comes to managing your supply chain processes efficiently.

Standard RFID tags have at least two blind spots. If you happen to point a scanner at one of these spots, it won’t be able to read the tag. Misreads like this lead to inaccurate inventory counts.

ktags mitigate blind spots with the use of omnidirectional antennas which send signals out evenly in all directions so that you don’t have to worry about misreads or failure to scan.

ktags are encoded to make them counterfeit-proof, giving you ultimate control over what happens with your inventory. You don’t have to worry about sub-par goods being passed off as your branded items, because counterfeiters won’t be able to clone your RFID tags.

Standard RFID tags are incredibly easy for counterfeiters to clone, which can affect profits as well as brand reputation.

ktags are incredibly durable, making them ideal over the longer term or for use in harsh environments. Standard RFID tags are easily scratched, making them unreadable. ktags, on the other hand, are resistant to bumps and scratches, which means you don’t have to treat them with kid gloves as they make their way through your supply chain.

Unlike standard RFID tags, ktags are climate-proof and can resist temperatures as low as 23℉ (-5℃), as well as being waterproof and immune to damage caused by moisture.

Based on our research, ktags only cost pennies more than the standard RFID tag, making them an affordable option for small businesses looking to improve their inventory management systems.

ktags give you more for your money than standard tags do, making them more than worth the small price difference. Plus, with all the advantages your business will get from ktags, you’ll begin to see a return on investment (ROI) almost immediately.

Even if you know the importance of understanding a new tool’s return on investment, it can be tricky to calculate. Our ROI calculator can help you do just that, allowing you to calculate the ROI of ktags against the leading standard RFID tags on the market.

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Over 30 years in the apparel and technology industries has given us valuable in-depth knowledge of inventory management processes and how to make them more efficient. Our RFID solutions can help you streamline every step in your supply chain and ultimately give your customers a better experience.

If you’re ready to learn more about how RFID technology can help you improve your inventory management practices, we’d be happy to set up a discovery call. Contact us today to get started.

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